Anxiety Issues With ISO 9001:2015

Survey Says-Quick Poll Results

What gives you the most anxiety about implementing ISO 9001:2015? j0182833

#1 – 36.5% Enhancing leaderships role in quality

#2 – 34.1% Adopting risk-based thinking

#3 – 12.1% Understanding the new clause structure

#4 – 9.7% Dealing with documentation

#5 – 7.3% Defining the context of the organization

Source: Quality Progress Magazine, October 2015

Over 70% of survey participants have anxiety about increased top management involvement, and the new risk-based thinking approach and requirements.

Will the ISO 9001:2015 standard make a real difference in promoting leadership involvement? Yes, we certainly think so, but it will require increased discussion and integration of the quality group and the leadership team. Having accountability requires this. Meaningful involvement and learning from the quality group for top management will be required in the early stages of this transition—a top priority and an essential step.

Adopting risk-based thinking, although new to the standard should not be difficult for the organization. Management decision making as to whether to provide a product or service, comes into question on a regular basis as to do we have the capability, resources required, capable personnel, outsource requirements? The ISO 9001:2015 standard does however, link risk based thinking with organizational planning, context, and needs and expectations of interested parties. This type of thinking will be foreign to some, but can be achieved with proper training and understanding of what direction is necessary.

Tell us your thoughts on this subject! Are you suffering from the same anxiety??

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