ISO 9001 Proven to Help Win New Business

According to data from The British Assessment Bureau’s (BAB) independent 2011 Client Satisfaction Survey,  44 percent of respondents said that they had won business as a result of becoming certified to ISO 9001, the quality management system standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The survey, which was carried out by specialist market research organization, Lake Market Research (LMR), showed that for many organizations, the prospect of winning more work was the primary motivation for implementing the standard. When asked, 57 percent said that a client requirement motivated them to obtain certification, with 31 percent responding that winning more business was their incentive.

ISO 9001 is intended to help improve internal management processes, leading to greater efficiency. However, ‘improving internal processes’ was only the third most popular reason for seeking ISO 9001 certification, with 24 percent confirming this. However, the results of BAB Client Satisfaction Survey didn’t prove a surprise to BAB’s director of marketing, Robert Fenn. “Prospective clients have often mentioned that they require the [ISO 9001] standard to qualify for a particular tender,” says Fenn. “However, what we didn’t know is how many of our clients had actually won work as a direct result of achieving certification. With the latest results now in, we’re delighted to confirm that certified organizations are getting the reward they deserve from implementing a robust, recognized quality management system.”

Verbatim feedback from the survey backed up the figures, with some clients suggesting that ISO 9001 carried real weight. “We have won several government contracts which we couldn’t even have attempted without ISO 9001,” says Debbie Horlock from Screenfix Windscreens.  It isn’t just the government that insists on certification either. “We are starting to win new accounts that we could not have approached in the past as they insisted on having ISO 9001,” says Christian Stoneham from Masters Exhibitions & Shows.

Question: Has being registered helped your company improve the bottom line?  We know that a customer requirement is a major motivator for registration, but was going after more business a factor, and has it worked for your organization?

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