ISO 9001:2015 DIS Receives Approval Moves to FDIS

The ISO 9001 Draft International Standard (DIS) was put to vote to ISO member nations and received nearly 90% approval, which is enough for it to progress to the next stage: Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) currently forecast for publication in March 2015.

The countries that voted against the DIS were the United States, along with┬áCanada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, and South Africa. A majority rule is needed to push the draft onto its next stage. ISO body rules require that the negative comments be addressed prior to the FDIS (final draft international standard) publication, and the number of comments appears to have been many. Prior to the DIS approval, thousands of public comments were submitted regarding the DIS content, for example the Annex SL structure requirements and the “risk based thinking” including the lack of a structured risk based methodology such as ISO 3100 Risk Management Standard.

The ISO subcommittee revising the standard will now go through all the comments received during the DIS vote in order to produce a final draft which will then be put forward for voting. Once approved beyond the FDIS publication, the completed standard will then be published with a projected date of September 2015.

The main changes to the future ISO 9001 Standard include:

  • Emphasis on risk-based thinking and management involvement
  • Stronger emphasis on process monitoring, measurement effectiveness, and performance delivery
  • Increased systems value for the organization and customer
  • Increased flexibility on the use of documentation
  • More applicable to service organizations

We will keep all our readers posted on any further information received on this revision.  Contact us with any specific questions.


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