ISO management system standards continue global growth trend



The 2015 results of the ISO Survey have just been released, showing the number of certifications to ISO management system standards continues to rise worldwide.   According to the results of the survey, a total of 1,519,952 valid certificates were reported worldwide in 2015 across nine management system standards, compared to 1, 476, 504 the previous year – an increase of 3 %.

ISO’s most widely used management system standards, ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management, remain popular with  1, 033, 936 and 319,324 certificates respectively.  

The ISO Survey is an annual survey of valid certifications to our management system standards issued by accredited certification bodies worldwide. It is the most comprehensive overview of certifications to these standards currently available. ISO does not perform certification, therefore these results rely on the responses of some of the world’s largest certification bodies.

View the executive summary and full results on the ISO Survey page.

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