IS0 9001 Future Revision

Suggestions for Upcoming Revision

As most of us are aware of, ISO 9001 is in the process of being revised, with a planned release date of some time in 2015.  More than three years ago, anticipating the eventuality of a revision, members of ISO Subcommittee 2 (SC 2)—the subcommittee that has responsibility for the revision and maintenance of ISO 9001—began conducting an extensive user survey.

Feedback was sought from every industry and sector, from users of other management system standards, and even from those who have chosen not to implement an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system (QMS).  More than 10,000 responses were received from around the world. Many contained comments that needed to be translated.  All these data were collated, reviewed, and analyzed. Overall, the consensus from respondents was that they felt the standard is good as it is, but it needs to be revised.  There seemed to be little support for wholesale changes, or creating a hierarchical or tiered set of requirements standards similar to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

The most commonly received comments from the extensive survey that SC 2 sent to ISO users related to the following:

  • Requests to include requirements relating to risk management, financial management, and change management
  • Requests for clarification of existing requirements relating to outsourcing, product realization, and the distinction between verification and validation
  • Some respondents voiced concern about the ease of use for service and software industry.

In the coming months, the output of the most recent meeting of the WG 24 will be released.  The committee draft (CD) is expected to be for sale some time in June 2013.  At that time, comments will be solicited to ensure that this revision perpetuates the high standard that has been the hallmark of ISO 9001 for more than a quarter of a century.

We will keep you informed on all future information on the ISO 9001 standard revision.

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