Lean And Six Sigma Conference (contd.)

As stated in our last post, we did attend the Lean and Six Sigma Conference last month in Phoenix, Arizona.  Yes, there were over 600 people registered for the conference this year; the Largest turn-out in the conference history!

One of our favorite moments of the Lean & Six Sigma Conference, besides catching up with friends, seeing clients and learning was the opening keynote speaker, Ari Weizweig a founder and CEO of Zingerman’s Deli (among other businesses) from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Besides his great humor, Ari spoke about the “12 natural laws of business” and had the crowd of over 600 people fixated and delighted.  The laws include:

1. You’re more likely to get to greatness if you have an inspiring and strategically sound vision.

2. If you don’t give customers compelling reasons to buy from you, they won’t.

3. If you don’t create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work.

4. If you want the staff to give great service to customers, you have to give great service to the staff.

5. If you want staff to give great performance, you have to give clear expectations and training tools.

6. Successful businesses do the things that others know they should do but generally don’t.

7. If you aren’t consistently getting better, you’re not going to get long-term greatness.

8. Success means you get better problems—but there will always be problems- (our favorite).

9. Whatever you’re good at is likely to also lead into areas of weakness.

10. It takes a lot longer to make something great happen than people think.

11. Profit is good (he stated as “Without good finance, you fail,”)

12. Great organizations are appreciative and the people in them have more fun.

Fun leads to success and success leads to fun.  Ari said, “Everything we do is about believing in people and helping them to greatness.”

Ari said it takes:

  • 2 years to get stability
  • 4 years to get good
  • 6 years to work on being great
  • 8 years to really get there

We are celebrating in 2012 our 10th year in business, and yes we do agree with Ari!


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