Major Changes to New ISO 9004:2009 Standard

The latest draft of ISO 9004:2009 has received broad approval and the final draft of this International Standard (FDIS) is due to be released before the end of 2009.

The new version has a title change. It’s now: “Managing for the Sustained Success of an Organization-A Quality Management Approach.”

The new version is also shorter than its predecessor, ISO 9004:2000 at 44 pages compared to 56. This reduction is in part due to the removal of the ISO 9001 text that appeared at the start of each section. Although ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 are still “a consistent pair” of standards, ISO 9004 no longer has the same clause by clause naming as ISO 9001. This helps to emphasize that it is not a guide to ISO 9001.

The contents of ISO 9004 (at the draft stage) are:

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Managing for the sustained success of an organization
  • Strategy for policy formulation, planning and development
  • Resource management
  • Process management
  • Monitoring, measurement, analysis and review
  • Improvement, innovation, and learning
  • Annex A: Self-assessment tool
  • Annex B: Quality management principles
  • Annex C: Correspondence between ISO 9004-2009, and ISO 9001:2008
  • Bibliography

The aim of ISO 9004 is to help users of ISO 9001 to obtain long-term benefit from a broader, in-depth, quality management system (QMS) based on their existing QMS. It uses the same quality management principles as ISO 9001. It is not to be used for assessment or certification purposes.

This standard will provide valuable guidance for managers on leading their organization towards long term success.and to build on existing quality management systems. ISO 9001 focussed on customers. ISO 9004 extends the focus to include all interested parties including society, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

We will keep you informed when the ISO 9004:2009 is published.

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