NQA Auditor/Consultant Conference

We just attended the National Quality Assurance (NQA) Auditors and Consultants Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  We look forward to this two-day event annually due to the great information that is distributed to all attendees.

We want to share some of the information (more to come in next post) heard regarding the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and future AS9100 series documentation changes/requirements.          

  • IAQG potential reduction of Certification Boards (CBs) certifying to AS9100.  Informed that the number may be 8 CBs.
  • Removal of CB auditors that “Don’t follow the Rules” regarding AS9101D requirements.
  • Issues about poorly written PEARS and poor root cause definition.
  • AS9101E – Expect spring 2014 release. No cost to clients, auditors will undergo online training requirement.
  • Appendix A, AS9101D being removed for AS9101E.  The OER and PEAR will become one – The New PEAR.
  • The OER will be in a newly reformatted method.
  • Auditing all shifts for AQMS required.  All audit team members must be aware of AS9104/1 requirements.
  • The same CB audit team leader can only lead two consecutive audit cycles
  • Client suspension process will take place 60 days of the NCR issuance if client cannot demonstrate conformance to the standard.
  • PEARS will be required for All product realization processes.

More information to follow soon.

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