Risk Management Guidance

As we have written in prior posts, the future ISO 9001:2015 standard will take a risk-based approach requirement to determine the type and extent of controls appropriate to each external provider, and all external provision of goods and services. The proposed standard addresses, for example risks which can affect conformity of goods and services as well as customer satisfaction.

Published in 2009, ISO 31000:2009, Risk management – Principles and guidelines, provides principles, framework and a process for managing risk.

Now, ISO has just published a guidance document which aims to help organizations implement the ISO 31000 risk management standard.

The new 37 page document, entitled ISO/TR 31004:2013 ‘Risk Management: Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000′ provides:

  • A structured approach for organizations to transition their risk management arrangements in order to be consistent with ISO 31000, in a manner tailored to the characteristics of the organization;
  • An explanation of the underlying concepts of ISO 31000;
  • Guidance on aspects of the principles and risk management framework that are described in ISO 31000.

The new ISO/TR 31004:2013, Risk Management – Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000, will help organizations smoothly align their risk management practices to ISO 31000.  ISO/TR 31004 will help you establish or align a system to detect, understand and manage risk based on ISO 31000 – an internationally-recognized generic document on managing risk in organizations of all types and sizes.

For more information and to purchase the standard, visit the ISO Store.


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