Risks of Cyber-Attacks on Machinery

In our hyper-connected world, IT security covers not just our data but virtually everything that moves – including machinery. Cyber-attacks or IT malfunctions in manufacturing can pose risks to the safety measures in place, thus having an impact on production and people. New international guidance to identify and address such risks has just been published.  Smart” manufacturing, or that which takes advantage of Internet and digital technology, allows for seamless production and integration across the entire value chain. It also allows for parameters – such as speed, force and temperature – to be controlled remotely.

A new ISO technical report (TR) has just been published to help manufacturers prepare for and mitigate these risks.

ISO/TR 22100-4, Safety of Machinery – Relationship with ISO 12100 – Part 4: Guidance to machinery manufacturers for consideration of related IT-security (cyber security) aspects, is designed to help machinery manufacturers identify and address IT security threats that can impact on the safety of their product. This guidance covers aspects such as the types of components that could be potential targets for cyber security attacks, the design of the machine to minimize vulnerability to such attacks and information for the machine operator on possible threats.  ISO/TR 22100-4:2018 can be purchased at the ANSI Webstore.  


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