Breakthrough Improvement

Breakthrough Improvement Model

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, organizations  often fail to perform due to the lack of a systematic approach in the design, integration, and alignment of its strategic business efforts and leadership decision making.  Understanding and acting on the needs and expectations of internal and external parties requires utilizing an evidence-based business model  for achieving breakthrough improvement and scalable profit growth.

In Breakthrough Performance top management is responsible for establishing and communicating the vision, values, and strategic direction for achieving the organizations goals and objectives. The workforce follows systems and processes designed to be aligned with meeting customer requirements through listening, engagement, and hardwired relationship management processes.

A holistic organizational improvement model connecting all business functions can bust business silo thinking and establish an integrated systems architecture. Processes fostering innovation are built into performance reviews, benchmarking with top performers, continuous quality improvement and the knowledge management of best practices from lessons learned proven to achieve the desired results.

What can Sustaining Edge Solutions Do for Your Organization?

  • Strategic Performance Improvement: Systematic strategic approach for designing, managing and improving work systems across business units & functions can reduce process variability and improve outcomes – with particular focus on innovation & best practices to support breakthroughs.
  • Delivering Results: Financial results, Performance excellence, and Continuous Improvement are the “bottom line” for effective organizations. Benchmarking with industry best practices can inspire innovation for breakthrough results. This fosters an organizational learning culture around customer-focused processes & results bench marked with best-in-class within the industry sector.
  • Mentoring & Action Planning: In addition to identifying gaps and presenting opportunities, SES has the expertise to participate actively with you to analyze the feedback, set priorities, and develop action plans to achieve your goals. Based on the comprehensive gap assessment report, the top management team can choose to include SES services with ongoing coaching and assistance to address opportunities for improvement, as well as capitalizing on identified organizational strengths and best practices.

What are the benefits to our Breakthrough Improvement Methodology?

  • Systems Architecture for Process Alignment
  • Senior Leadership Coaching & Education supporting enhanced organizational engagement
  • Develop Integration and Linkages between Key Work Systems and Operational Processes
  • Focusing Management Activities on change results through system Tracking and Positive Financial impact

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