MIL-PRF-31032B PCB Quality Management System

MILIf you want your company to stand out in the crowd, and be recognized as “one of the best” become registered and certified to MIL-PRF-31032B, with the Defense Supply Center-Columbus, or DSCC.  MIL-PRF-31032B is a quality management system that was developed in coordination with best commercial practices. It provides a quality management system that allows companies to build boards that will perform to military standards.  Once certification is achieved, the manufacturer is placed on the Qualified Manufacturer’s List.  This identifies your company’s ability to manufacture PCBs to the performance specifications listed on the QML.

MIL-PRF-31032B Quality Management Plan

The Quality Management Plan is the backbone of the manufacturer’s QML certification.  The QMP integrates all aspects of production and quality, from the initial order, through production, test and shipment of the PCBs.  It also controls and provides feedback to allow continuous improvement.  The Quality Management Plan is a controlled document and consists of 21 sections, or elements.

The Road to MIL-PRF-31032B Certification

  • Initial Certification Request – formal notification to DSCC of technologies and specifications that the manufacturer will be the basis of certification.  ISO 9001:2008 registration can also be included.
  • Pre-Validation Submission – includes scope, Quality Management Plan, Self-Validation report, Qualification Test Plan, listing of testing capabilities, test coupon design, quantity, placement, and usage procedures.
  • DSCC review of pre-validation submission; questions asked and answered.
  • Certification Audit – a two person team from DSCC will conduct a 5 day audit of the manufacturing facility and its’ quality management program.
  • Issue QML certification.  If ISO 9001:2008 registration was part of the audit, a certificate and registration letter will also be issued.

What can Sustaining Edge Solutions Do for You?

  • We will work with you developing all required documentation needs, implementation, and necessary training.
  • Ensure that you meet or exceed all QM plan requirements, and work with your entire team to achieve a successful certication process from preparation to completion.

What are the benefits to MIL-PRF-31032B certification?

  • Your company will be listed on the QML with national recognition
  • Your customers will know that you are capable of producing high quality printed circuit boards
  • Your certification will be a tangible marketing tool
  • Your customers, suppliers, and employees will know you are serious about quality performance
  • Your certification will decrease your operational costs
  • Nationally recognized standard of performance

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