Performance and Profit Improvement

Strategy Planning and Deployment

Strategy PlanningStrategic planning captures the vision of senior management and the “voice of customers.” Effective planning drives a plan with specific goals and time lines. SES will use several well proven tools for the implementation of your strategic plan. Results will be monitored.  We will help you achieve break-through goals for the growth of your business.

Examples of strategic initiatives we have implemented are:  a) Improve top-line revenue by 50% by acquisition, b) expand to other services and products (“attain 15% of revenue from new processes”), c) implement new strategy for customer acquisition (“acquire X new clients”), and d) product portfolio management, where the entire products and services offered are reviewed for profitability and changing the marketing plan accordingly.

Daily Management and Performance Improvements

ImprovementsWe use proven methods from Lean and Six Sigma to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve quality
  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Reduce product and process cycle time
  • Reduce cost (scrap, rework, inventory, labor)
  • Organize layout to free up space

Many business enterprises don’t achieve full potential of profitability not because of inadequate skills, but due lack of visibility of performance.  SES will teach you how to publish and monitor data on few key performance indicators (KPIs) daily.  Your managers will now have the ability to fully understand what went wrong as it happens – at the organization level and at the unit level where it happened. We will also teach you how to perform in-depth root cause analysis, countermeasures and to standardize these changes. Another major component of this system is quick-glance visual dash-boards that will help the managers understand the “state of the union” in a 15-second glance.

Daily Management is the most powerful tool used by world class organizations. It helps to reduce cost in many areas (safety-quality-delivery and cost) and to solve chronic issues.

Examples of performance improvements we have implemented are:

  • Reduce scrap by 30% for a manufacturing operation running a high scrap rate, savings of $100,000/year.
  • Improving inventory turns by 1 full turn had added $200,000 to the cash flow of $5 million operation in one year.
  • 95% On-time delivery was achieved by reducing cycle time and improving material flow.

Lean Enterprise and Kaizen Events

RevenueLean enterprise strategies can have a tremendous posititve impact on total productivity and employee satisfaction.  This methodology is extremely valuable  for improving on-time delivery, labor, material, equipment prductivity and the rate  of return on capital employed.  Simply put, Lean removes the waste from the administrative, service delivery and manufacturing areas of your company helping you to meet your customer’s demands.

Kaizen events are based on the principles of  (1) Waste is hidden in all processes, (2) Eliminating waste impacts costs and customer satisfaction, and (3) Waste adds no value to the customer and increases operating costs.  Using a cross-functional team approach and our proven structure, teams plan and implement major process changes using data to quickly achieve performance improvements.

SES will teach and lead your organizational improvement teams in these proven methods to identify and remove process waste with measurable results.

Examples of lean kaizen system improvements we have implemented are:

  • Reduced manufacturing process cycle time 60% and rework 40%.
  • Reduced service process lead time 50% and total process time 80%.

Transactional Process Improvements

ImprovementsThe service sector creates customer value by making transactions timely and correctly. Systems, people and technology change frequently. But what was designed for a prior system, based on personal preferences or for people who are no longer working usually lingers around. As a result many unwanted steps and processes are conducted that contributes to delays and errors. We will conduct assessments and “value stream mapping” that will identify the optimal steps.

Examples of transactional process improvements we have implemented are:

  • Mapping to improve order entry time in a service orientated business reduced transaction time by 40%.
  • Implemented a new system for payment collections and reduced delinquent payments by 50%.

The Power of Our System

The true power of the system and processes that we implement resides in your staff learning many new skills and proven tools that they can use daily for problem solving and process improvement. This creates personal ownership and pride in addressing the issues and in preventing them from happening again. Management is there to counsel, and provide guidance and expertise, and to make sure the system is maintained on an ongoing basis. After all there is no substitute for skilled, loyal and hardworking employees – we are just providing additional tools to make them and the company they work for succeed.

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