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Quality Digest Survey Results:

Can Six Sigma be overused?

• Yes 72.3%

• It depends 15.8%

• No 11.9%

Does Six Sigma lead to tunnel vision?

• Yes 43.8%

• It depends 35.5%

• No 20.7%

Other comments included:

• "It depends on the individual, not Six Sigma tools or methodology."

• "It depends on the ultimate understanding that the movers and shakers for Six Sigma have within the company. One must always look at the whole picture and not just the immediate incident/report."

• "Users need to be careful not to focus too heavily on cost reduction and lose site of product quality. A certain amount of common sense and good judgement have to be applied to all projects."

• "We can get hung up on the financial returns projects and ignore the just-do-it projects."

• "Overused? No. Wrongly applied? Yes. Not every problem needs or lends itself to a DMAIC project. And tunnel vision, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder."



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