Quality Systems 2006 Customer Satisfaction Results

The Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR) is an association of accredited management system registrars operating in North America. The data results of their satisfaction survey cover reasons for implementation, benefits, ROI, and other important QMS metrics.

When asked if their present certification had been a positive experience, 96% responded with Yes. More than 2,500 customers responded to questions such as:

What internal benefits have you realized from your current quality management system?

  • Reduced scrap/rework costs – 728 Yes Responses
  • Increased efficiency – 936 Yes Responses
  • Greater quality awareness – 1,861 Yes Responses
  • Positive cultural change – 845 Yes Responses
  • Enhanced communications – 880 Yes Responses
  • Better documentation – 1,869 Yes Responses
  • Improved customer satisfaction – 1,391 Yes Responses
  • Competitive advantage – 922 Yes Responses

What benefits has your organization gained? Let us
know and we will publish the results next

To see the complete survey results go to IAAR Website

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  1. Anand Sarolkar says:

    How can we measure the performance of a Quality Management System?

  2. qualityguru says:

    By identifying the critical performance indicators within your company’s business and operating system. Successful organizations utilize voice of the customer, voice of the business, and voice of the processes data which drive customer satisfaction, business performance, and process capability and effectiveness. These quantatative and qualitative measures must be determined and agreed upon to develop scorecards and to identify performance baselines for management to drive the “current state of business to the future state” of what the business and organization wants to achieve.

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