Deming Documentary: If Japan Can…Why Can’t We?


Inaccessible for 35 years, this documentary can now be viewed free of charge.

In June 1993, I had the privilege of attending Dr. Edwards Deming three-day seminar. At 93 years old, I was amazed this quality giant was still presenting his message of quality. Being a Deming Disciple (you seasoned quality people understand) I am excited to announce this documentary opportunity.

On June 24, 1980, Americans widely viewed a NBC documentary called “If Japan Can… Why Can’t We.” The program, part of NBC’s white paper series, prominently featured W. Edwards Deming. Produced by Clare Crawford-Mason and narrated by Lloyd Dobyns.

This compelling documentary, about the ever-increasing industrial competition between the United States and Japan, introduced Deming to Americans. For the first time, they learned of the then 80-year old American who was widely credited with the Japanese industrial resurgence after World War II. Soon the icons of American industry, such as Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Dow Chemical Co., Xerox, and Hughes Aircraft were asking for his help.

To view the entire NBC documentary video that started it all, visit the Deming Institute Website.

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