AS9101:20XX – Continued

In a prior post, we provided information based on a recent workshop we attended conducted by National Quality Assurance (NQA) in Los Angeles, California. For our AS9100/9110/9003 Aviation, Space and Defense client organizations, and readers we want to share more of the information provided.

  • PEAR(s) will be mandatory and created for each top level process audited to AS91XX series requirements. No longer limited to processes associated with Product Realization requirements.
  • Improvement on “QMS Matrix Report”, “NCR” and “Audit Reports” will take place.
  • Incorporation of 9104/1 including Certification Structure will take place.
  • The names of the audit documents are changing from appendices to forms.  This will improve process effectiveness.

Improvement of Forms to reflect OASIS entry requirements

  • New Process Evaluation Matrix (PEM).
  • Clear definitions to assist auditors when determining process effectiveness levels / numerical conclusions when documenting PEAR’s.


  • Client transition materials available on IAQG web site.
  • New AS9110 OER now available.
  • Requires CB reaccreditation.
  • Audits can occur after training, accreditation & auditor authentication.
  • All audits after 1/1/14 have to be to AS9110:2012.
  • Auditors have to complete webinar and submit to RABQSA.
  • All 9110 companies must be audited to this standards no later than 01 Jan 2014

….meaning all audits completed by 1 November 2013

AS9003 – Inspection and Test Quality System

  • New version now published.
  • To ensure that the inspection, conformity and airworthiness of products are maintained.
  • Based on the ISO 9002:1994 Quality Standard.
  • Contains the minimum requirements for an Inspection and Test Quality System.
  • Intended for use by small build/machine to print organizations.

Interested in more information on future changes,  contact us.

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