How ISO Standards Support Global Car Industry

As a prior Quality and Reliability Engineer working for a major supplier to the automotive industry, QMS standards have been a part of our company and professional growth from the prior QS-9000 automotive quality standard in the nineties, to the current ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality standard.

Clearly, with more than a billion estimated road vehicles in use worldwide, the automotive sector uses state-of-the-art standards for aspects such as safety, impact on the environment, and requirements for supply chain partners.  The importance of this challenge is reflected by ISO’s response. Out of a current total of more than 19,500 ISO International Standards for almost all sectors of business and technology, some 900 have been developed for road vehicles and related technologies.

A new ISO brochure, How ISO standards support global car industry, presents a compilation of recent articles from ISO Focus+ magazine and of press releases showing the scale of ISO’s rapid responsiveness to the needs of this important sector. The new brochure includes interviews with top executives from companies such as Kia Motors Corporation, Chrysler Group and Fiat, Daimler and Rolls Royce Motor Cars, who share their perspectives on ISO standards. It also includes a list of ISO standards for the increasingly important sector of electric vehicles.

How ISO standards support global car industry, is now published and available free of charge from the ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store.

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