ISO 14001 EMS Implementation Guidance

Implementing an environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001 may seem like a large task, but that doesn’t mean it is just for major industries in any market. Breaking it down into phases is the key. A newly revised guidance document just published helps businesses of all shapes and sizes put an EMS in place in the way that suits them – and reap the benefits every step of the way.

ISO 14005:2019, Environmental Management Systems – Guidelines for a flexible approach to phased implementation, provides small to medium size companies with a means to overcome this by enabling them to meet the requirements of an EMS in a phased, flexible way that is adapted to their specific needs. It allows them to start benefiting from the very beginning while ultimately meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001 EMS Standard.  The standard has just been revised to ensure it is up to date and continues to meet market needs.  Improving environmental performance is made easier with formal systems in place. However, small and medium-sized enterprises often find EMS implementation difficult due to fewer staff and resources.

ISO 14005:2019 allows companies to easily measure the business value and benefits of implementing an EMS and ensuring they get a return on their investment.  You can purchase ISO 14005 EMS Guidelines at the ANSI Webstore.  Contact us with any questions, or seeking assistance with implementing an effective ISO 14001 EMS for your organization.

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