ISO 9001 & AS9100 Future Revision Alignment

The AAQG/AAQSC/G-14 Meeting took place this month in Denver, Colorado. Revision activities have started and a working group has been established to develop a NWIP (new work item proposal). ISO plans on publishing the newest revision to 9001 in late 2015 or early 2016. Preliminary information indicates that the revised standard will have a new 10 clause structure.

Re-write of AS9100

The AAQSC/ AAQG standards writing team will keep pace with the ISO 9001 re-write team. With the goal of releasing a revised AS9100 standard reflecting the latest ISO 9001 revisions close to or at the same time that ISO 9001 is released. Additional standards based on 9001 like AS9110 and AS9120 will require revision.

The AS9100 design spec has been developed and will be presented to the IAQG in Nagoya, Japan October 8-12, 2012 meeting. The design spec contains the following elements:

1. Schedule to coincide with the release of 9001 (2015/2016)

2. Purpose of the revision

3. Design Process

4. Decision making process

5. Structure of the standard

6. Draft preparation and control

7. Ballot and publishing process

8. References

9. Change evaluation tools

10. Guidance and training

Lessons learned from the Original AS9100 writing team

Make changes to existing requirements only if improvements are necessary, based on user experience.

  • Be conservative in the adoption of any new requirements.
  • Assure that the resultant standard will allow a common interpretation by organizations, customers and authorities.
  • Coordinate with OPMT to determine the need for auditor transition training. With the goal of having training ready with the publication of the new revised standards.
  • Develop guidance material prior to publication

The writing team plans to send out a survey monkey to all stake holders in the near future, which would include all companies, auditors, CB’s listed in OASIS. The intent of the survey will be to gain inputs from stakeholders regarding the current AS9100 and possible revisions. The survey format will be presented to the IAQG for approval at the October IAQG meeting to be held in Nagoya, Japan.

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