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Business Management Systems

Management SystemsSustaining Edge Solutions specializes in assessment, development, implementation, training and support of global business management systems and performance improvement methods.  Our personnel have the expertise and passion to reduce your costs, improve your quality, and delight your current and future customers.

Using our comprehensive methods turns your business management system and certification into a strategic resource. Our staff are RABQSA accredited management system auditors, and process improvement experts with many years of successful hands on experience leading improvement projects and as third party auditors.

Our methods deliver results! Since 2002, we have helped small business with as few as 2 employees to Fortune 500 companies with multiple sites. We deliver operational and performance improvement solutions that target opportunities that will enhance your bottom line. Whether you are looking for a small amount of guidance, or a complete turn-key system, we have the solutions to reduce your costs and improve your profitability.

Our services include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Management System
  • AS9100D:2016 Aviation, Space and Defense Management System
  • AS9110 Aviation Maintenance Management System
  • AS9120 Stocklists Distributors Management System
  • ASA-100 Distributors of Aircraft Parts Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Management System
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
  • TL 9000 Telecommunications Management System
  • IATF 16949 Automotive Management System
  • Don’t see a Standard listed your company is after? Let us know, we can help!
  • Management Standards and Process Improvement Training – onsite, classroom, and on-line
  • Operational and Performance Improvement Assessments
  • Baldrige-Based Performance Excellence
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Effective and Certification Ready Documentation
  • Strategy Planning and Deployment
  • Performance Measurement
  • Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen Events
  • Transactional Process Improvement
  • Process Auditing for Profit Improvement
  • Conduct Supplier Evaluation Audits
  • Conduct Your Company Internal Audits
  • And More!

Sustaining Edge Solutions has developed the Integrated Business Excellence System (IBES) approach to ensure we improve your business through proven methods.


Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Mapping

Management SystemsImprovement and change starts with defining and understanding the direction your organization needs to take. The Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton) provides a framework to describe management strategies by linking intangible and tangible assets in value-creating activites. Within its framework, intangible assets are measured and combined with other tangible assets for the organization to create value added goals that identify desired financial outcomes.

Strategy Mapping is a method that organizations can use to turn strategy into operational terms. Strategy Mapping defines cause-and-effect linkages identifying the relationship among financial, customers, internal business processes, and learning and growth. Together these methodologies are powerful for translating strategy to specific objectives and measures so everyone can understand the direction and strategy of the organization.


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Six Sigma – No Belt Required!

Management SystemsSix Sigma is a well-defined, data driven methodology for eliminating defects, waste, and quality problems regardless of whether the focus is manufacturing, service, management, or other business activities.

The fundamentals of a Six Sigma system are based upon gaining customer knowledge for utilizing information to drive performance improvement and measurement of core processes. Understanding what your customers consider “critical success factors” are absolutely necessary for determining the depth of your performance improvement system. This process is often referred to as the “voice of the customer.”

This method further identifies a cause-and effect relationship in regards to how your processes are performing, the satisfaction level of your customers, and how relevant your strategic business initiatives are defined. With this information and a structured Six Sigma methodology, you can develop focused solutions to eliminate process root causes without sweeping changes to your existing processes or organizational structure.

View Our Six Sigma Methodology HERE

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Lean Enterprise & Continuous Improvement

Management SystemsThe critical point for lean thinking is value. This methodology has been proven extremely valuable for improving on-time delivery, labor, material, equipment productivity, and the rate of return on capital employed. As demands for price reductions, better quality and shorter delivery times are now commonplace, suppliers are expected to meet these and other customer demands quickly, creating a need for process and performance improvement.

Lean enterprise strategies can have a tremendous impact on material flow and total factor productivity. Simply put, lean removes the waste from the administrative, service delivery and manufacturing areas of your company helping you to meet your customer’s demands.


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Performance Measurement

Management SystemsUnderstanding the health of your organization and the results of your business initiatives is what keeps your teams moving in the right direction. Performance Measurement is the language that gives clarity to vague concepts. Sustaining Edge Solutions can assist your business to define and deploy measures that:

  • Focus on strategic issues testing the validity of the business strategy with system and process scorecards.
  • Identify performance drivers and outcome factors to ensure measures ultimately correlate to tangible and financial results.
  • Identify and blend process performance and product conformity leading and lagging indicators.
  • Create scalable measurement systems that cause organizational behavioral change and continuous improvement.


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Business Management Systems & Process Improvement Training

Management SystemsAll our training courses can be conducted at your company or at our training facilities. All training is fully documented for your training records and certificates awarded.

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