What Business Processes are Impacted?

ISO 9001:2015 creates a documented management system that helps identify your business functions, processes, inputs and outputs, methods of control and improvement, customer focus, measurement and analysis.

The Standard makes it clear that organizations must identify and manage the interaction and sequence of their processes, internal and external issues, interested parties information, and risk-based controls. The Process Approach is a management strategy to maximize business process efficiency and effectiveness. When managers use the process approach they manage the interactions (input-process-output-outcome) to ensure process consistency and predictability.

The twenty-two key processes included in the ISO 9001:2015 Standard:

1. Customer Communication
2. Resource Management
3. Product/Service Planning & Provision
4. Customer Satisfaction Assessment
5. Production Realization
6. Document Control
7. Record Control
8. Purchasing
9. Internal Communication
10. Human Resources & Training
11. Product Design & Development
12. Quality Management
13. Internal Audit
14. Management Review
15. Product Monitoring & Measurement
16. Process Monitoring & Measurement
17. Nonconforming Product
18. Analysis of Data
19. Continual Improvement
20. Corrective Action
21. Risk Management
22. Regulatory Control

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