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Our client, R.E. Darling Company has received a Commitment Award for Excellence! The Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE) announced the Commitment Award recognizes organizations that demonstrate serious commitment to, and implementation of performance improvement principles. R.E. Darling, a Sustaining Edge Solutions Client Company, is a family owned and operated Arizona manufacturer of specialty rubber and composite products. Darling’s 170 employees provide the highest quality products and services to its customers in the aerospace, defense, and mining industries.  Congratulations to our client, R.E. Darling Company!

  • Published Article Author: Walter Tighe, SES President: ISO 9001:2015 Begins With Leadership
  • SES in the News: Sustaining Edge Solutions has landed the big kahuna working with The Hawaii Gas Company…
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  • SES is an approved services supplier to the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA). RevAZ was created specifically to provide technical assistance through the ACA to Arizona’s small to medium sized manufacturers.

  • SES receives  the Associate Consultant Register (ACR) recognition logo from National Quality Assurance  (NQA), a leading global certification body.  This recognition is issued as an award to organizations who achieve the qualifications of the ACR program.
  • SES receives recognition of the Associate Consultant Program (ACP) from the BSI Group, a leading global certification body.  This recognition is issued as an award to organizations who achieve the criteria required and the qualifications of the ACP program.

August 2020: Quality and Industry 4.0
Quality 4.0 comes from the idea that globally the world is in the fourth industrial revolution. The term Industry 4.0 was coined in 2011 at the Hannover Fair. Industry 4.0 is often called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “By enabling “smart factories”, the fourth industrial revolution… READ MORE

October 2020: Context of the Organization     
One of the major changes as a new requirement of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, including further quality system standards, is to Understand the Organization and its Content. We often still find today companies that are struggling with how to address this requirement… READ MORE.

December 2020: Customer Experience Metrics   
Supply chain leaders spend a lot of time working to understand and improve their internal operational metrics, but they rarely take the time to understand their impact on the customer… READ MORE.

 February 2021:  Systematic Process Design         
Systemic issues that can be the cause of product or service failure are often the result of a lack of a systemic approach for process design. Too often people get blamed for adverse customer outcomes when it is the process that has not been properly designed to meet the requirements of the customer and other stakeholders… READ MORE

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