Suppliers Speaking the Same Language

A new ISO standard is set to help boost manufacturer and consumer confidence, reducing supply chain costs by addressing issues like risk, loss of time and conditions of production. Whether sourcing materials or components or buying a finished product, the increasingly entangled nature of global supply chains can leave manufacturers and consumers asking some difficult questions. Is the product or ingredient as described? Does it meet expectations for quality? Where was it produced and under what conditions?

ISO 22095:2020 – Chain of custody – General terminology and models, is a simple solution that works across all business types and sectors. The  new International Standard allows users to effectively reduce their costs and address a multitude of issues caused by the present variety of chain of custody systems. Its requirements and models are defined independently of sectors, raw materials, products, and issues addressed, from food safety or sustainability to product integrity and quality.

Instead of starting from scratch, those implementing new systems will be able to base their definition of chain of custody requirements on ISO 22095, saving time and money and benefiting from an internationally recognized approach. You can purchase ISO 22095 Standard at the ANSI Webstore.

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