Want More Business?

The global pandemic has caused numerous organizations to alter their  business strategy and to operate on a lean budget.  Consider these three  basic growth principles when moving forward in these dynamic times…     

  1. Make a decision to grow. Growth doesn’t just happen. If you want to grow your business, you need a vision of what that growth would look like and a commitment to make that happen. It means putting your resources – all of them mental, emotional, financial, personnel – toward growth.
  2. Figure out what makes you money. All money is the same, right? Wrong. Businesses have two kinds of money, cash flow – which keeps the doors open short-term – and profits – which provides long-term security. Understand, and concentrate on, the parts of your business that bring you profits.
  3. Focus on recurring revenue. The best kind of customers? Repeat Customers. If most of your customers or clients are one-time buyers, figure out which, and what customers who have the need and capacity to buy repeatedly.

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